New YouTube series is out!!!

I’m starting a new YouTube series about a game called Terraria.  I have already defeated every boss but it could still be fun to watch.  spoiler alert  I got the razorpine (a weapon that is a must have for every mage) in the first episode!!  p.s I play on 3DS.


since today is father’s day we went to pelican’s snowballs, I got Shark attack it was very sour the flavors where Sour tsunami and Tiger’s blood, it also came with a very tasty shark gummy  P.S. Happy father’s day

Surprise (new meme)

What happened  was, I was walking to my room, and when I got there my sister (Elvira) was sitting in my chair and when I saw her I screamed, Because I didn’t expect her to be there, lol

My YouTube Logo

My YouTube channel is called DamienTRM based off of DanTDM but instead of ‘The Diamond Minecart’ it’s The Ruby Minecart because my favorite gemstone is ruby and its my birthstone. My YouTube Channel <<< please go here and subscribe! <3

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